Lots of singles ask themselves what rules, if any, can be behind something as chaotic and arbitrary as the dating market. Even people already in relationships would occasionally be grateful for a piece of advice that stood the test of time. The situation is not helped by anecdotal evidence abounding, the secular world and religions contradicting each other and every friend having a new piece of advice….

This blog’s intention is to clean up the mess; to make relevant economic evidence useful for normal people in their daily lives, and, indeed, to help you find The One, should you be so inclined.

Our agony aunt Dr de Bergerac is a PhD in economics with over 15 years experience advising public and private persons on relationship and political decisions that have changed their lives as well as that of their loved ones, and in some cases entire countries, to the positive. It is for this reason, that Dr de Bergerac, who currently holds a senior management position in a global organization, wishes to stay incognito on this Blog until her retirement from public life. (To those who spotted her nonetheless: kindly note that the views on this Blog are my own and not necessarily shared by my employer.)

If you want some trusted and time-tested advice for your relationship, existing or to-be, just send your dating question to Dr de Bergerac, and she shall be glad to respond.

Be ready to be surprised.

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